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Throughout the year you can enjoy a mini cruise along the beautiful Conero coast, which can be either an initiation to sailing, a way to pick up sailing tips and techniques, pure fun and relaxation, or… a mix of all of these.

Check-in can be Thursday, Friday or Saturday at 10.30 and check-out Sunday at 18.00. The price is 100 euros per person per day.

Contractual conditions:

Included in the price: boat, skipper, water, gas, imbarcation tax, overnight stay at the Marina Dorica in Ancona.

Not included in the price: food, fuel and docking fees in case of overnight stays outside the Marina Dorica of Ancona.

Enrollment in the A.S.D. VELADAMARE is compulsory and included in the individual fare.

Any controversies will be dealt with in the spirit of good faith negotiation so as to enable an extra-judiciary agreement; in the event an agreement should not be reached, the court of Ancona shall be the legal forum of competence.

Suggested equipment:

A cap with sun visor, sunglasses, beach towel, bathing suit, jeans, cotton socks, a few cotton t-shirts, both a lightweight and a heavy sweatshirt, a pair of shoes with non-black rubber soles to be used exclusively on board, a pair of shower flip-flops, sleeping bag and/or sheet and pillow case, soft bags which can be folded (hard-shell baggage is prohibited).

Medicines: Sun screen, sea-sickness pills

Rings, chains, bracelets and necklaces must not be worn.

Riviera del Conero (photos of A.Albanelli)

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